Future Friendly Design


What does ‘future friendly’ actually mean?

Future Friendly Design is committed to providing a platform for businesses that are future friendly.

Loosely ‘future friendly’ is synonymous with ‘sustainable’ long into the future. So what does sustainable really mean as applied to products or businesses? (more…)

Who is Future Friendly Design?

Who is Future Friendly Design?

My name is Ciannait. In case you don’t speak Gaelic it is pronounced Kinnit. I’ve come to the role of graphic designer late – I am in my 40’s and only graduated in 2014, but I have been what some might call creative (others quirky or unpredictable perhaps) my whole life. Future Friendly Design is probably the most exciting project I have ever worked on. It has been many years in gestation waiting for its right time. This is that time. (more…)