Future Friendly Design

Designs for Good Causes

‘No sheep’ T-Shirt

The project: design a concept for a children’s clothing range that might help spread the message about Australian environmental issues. I chose boys age 4-12 years old as my target market (my sons fell within that group conveniently). This was one of the T-shirt prints. It plays with the idea that sheep are destructive to Australian soils, and that thinking for yourself (not being a ‘sheep’) is cool. It also brings in 8-bit computer gaming imagery – very popular with my target market.

Protest poster ‘Against Dredging the GBR’

The project: to design a campaign poster in support of a hot current issue, which at the time was the proposed dredging of the Great Barrier Reef to allow for expansion of the Abbott Point coal port near Bowen in North Queensland. It is a complex issue, so in the end I decided to keep the image as simple as possible and focus on linking the dredging with the destruction and sad death of the reef.

Australian stamps: ‘Successful Protests’

The project: to design a range of stamps that reflects some achievement or action of local or global significance. I chose to focus on the achievement of Australians who have stood up for their country and natural environment and won. It shows that passion for environmental causes can sometimes result in success. I hoped this could be inspiring for people who might otherwise not bother, whilst also acknowledging the massive contribution that people who protest have made to the Australian landscape.