Future Friendly Design

Who is Future Friendly Design?

Who is Future Friendly Design?

My name is Ciannait. In case you don’t speak Gaelic it is pronounced Kinnit. I’ve come to the role of graphic designer late – I am in my 40’s and only graduated in 2014, but I have been what some might call creative (others quirky or unpredictable perhaps) my whole life. Future Friendly Design is probably the most exciting project I have ever worked on. It has been many years in gestation waiting for its right time. This is that time.

Nature has always been a passion of mine. Since a child I loved finding wild places in urban environments, and was greatly inspired by the documentaries of David Attenborough. I have television, and parents with a social conscience to thank for my gradually evolving awareness that things where not right with our earth.

Australia an enduring inspiration

Moving to Australia from London when I was 20 was like living in an extended nature documentary. There was so much beauty and space and wilderness. My desire to protect this environment grew, and I began to study Environmental science so that I could be suitably qualified to effect greater change for good.

By the end of my degree I felt like the jobs I was being trained for would have me tethered to the system that was causing the damage. In government, or a private corporation, capital would always trump values in determining what and how much change could take place. Thus I fled for Byron Bay!

It was here I met the father of my children (we are since separated) and the co-creator of my next big life project – Jasper Hall. Our common aim was to minimise our ecological footprint, and live as nature intended with likeminded people. This was a perfect fit for me. I could demonstrate a way of life that matched my values, and would be an example of how others could do it too. It was a lofty dream.

Not that I would say I failed exactly, but reality recalibrated my goals based on more complete information. It turned out my lifestyle was too hardcore to be attractive to all but the most committed, and was tiring me out. I felt my own commitment wane along with my health, so a change was needed and I walked away from that lifestyle.

What is future friendly design?

Since university I became aware that the tools of mass-marketing and graphic design could be used for the benefit of the planet and society, rather than selling people more junk they don’t need. With that end in mind I set about learning marketing and graphic design.

If it can be sustained into the future, without causing harm to people or planet, then it is future friendly. If it creates a more positive world, helping to repair damage without causing harm, then it is future friendly.

Future Friendly goals

My goal is to help ethical businesses, products and ideas and causes to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Ultimately I’d like to unite those ethical brands and ideas under the Future Friendly label using a certification system, with a view to becoming a more powerful voice for positive ecological and social change.

Ethical businesses are ‘those that harness the power of private enterprise to create public benefit; that through their products, practices, and profits, aspire to do no harm and benefit all. To do so, requires that they act with the understanding that we are all interdependent and thus responsible for each other and future generations.’ (Quote thanks to B-Corp.)

Future Friendly is a brand with big ideas, and for now I offer a graphic design, branding and marketing service to ethical businesses that need a leg up.

Blogging for change

This blog is in support of the work that I do. I will look at

  • How various types of art intersect with politics
  • Design that reflects a more conscious relationship with the environment
  • The concept of social marketing, and how it differs from social media marketing
  • How consumers dictate the political agenda with their choices, which in turn dictate production processes; and how that affects the environment
  • Projects I am working on
  • What Ben (my husband, creative associate, and web designer) does for work

I hope you will join me on this exploration. You can follow Future Friendly design on facebook, twitter, google+, and pinterest, or sign up for this blog to go to your email inbox. Thanks 😀

July 29th 2015

Ciannait and Ben design team

Ciannait and Ben design team